Filter Press

Filter Press Filter press equipments has beed used from 1900s as a reliable sludge drying machines for wastewater treatment and various industries.

Apart from wastewater treatment filter press has large scale of industrial usage for certain process.

In mining industry filter press is the main sludge drying machine and transportation of the output meterial possible after the filtration process via filter press. By this filtration process with high pressure solid rate can be achieved up to %50.

Marble wastewater treatment systems or marble water recycle systems also need a filter press with automatic cake discharge mechanism. Our standard marble filter press has 12 filter plates, dimensions are 800x800 mm, automatic cake discharge mechanism and a PLC panel. By this standard Machinesdb Filter Press can be treat and recycle around 35-25 m3/hr marble water.

Coating industries also use our filter press to clear the chemical content of the coating batch. It is open discharge and has relatively smaller filter plate dimensions.

Machinesdb, filter press manufacturer Turkey, also give service to filter plate and filter press clothes by manufacturer prices.

Our Standard Filter Plate Dimensions;
- 1250x1250 mm
- 1000x1000 mm
- 800x800 mm
- 630x630 mm
- 500x500 mm
- 400x400 mm
- 250x250 mm

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